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Dialup Network Realms

Grapevinenet Works utilizes the services of five global Internet optical IP backbone networks. These five communications companies are: MCI (UUNET), Quest Communications, Aleron (TII), and StarNet.


Realms are a short name used to identify the particular network used by a Subscriber to access the Internet. The following Realms are associated with these respective Companies.




4. Usa

5. Dual.usa


Quest Communications

Aleron (TII)


StarNet 112k/128k, ISDN

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Selecting your Realm

Subscriber's selection of a Realm (or Network) is determined by your maximum hours of usage per month of Internet dialup Access and your nearest dialup Access Number. Grapevinenet Works is not responsible for additional long-distance charges a Subscriber may incur if you choose a non-local Access number.

Your next step is to SEARCH for a Realm and dialup Access Number nearest to your location. To make your selection click HERE.