Select your Choice of Software Bundles, for your Pre-paid Annual Dialup or Web Hosting Subscription

Pre-selected bundles for your small business, home interests, entertainment or your childrens education:

Business Essentials
All of the necessary components to get a small or home business going.
Word processing, spreadsheet, presentations, virus protection, and e-mail. All software is Microsoft compatible. Share or exchange files with anyone via e-mail or file transfer. Finished forms and guidelines to create business cards, expense reports, and labels. Legal forms and guidelines for reference, as well as business startup and plans, to head your endeavor in the right direction. Additional titles for today's digital imaging technology. Store, manage, and create, with photos you take or receive. From keeping the company finances to creating a web site, Business Essentials will provide the tools to get the job done.

Retail Value: US$ 269.89          

Home Essentials
The Home Essentials Bundle has it all
20 great titles that will have you computing out-of-the-box. Everything for home needs. Get your system working for you and your family.Word processing, spreadsheet, presentations, virus protection, and e-mail. Basic productivity software that works. Fully compatible, share files with friends and relatives.Titles for keeping the household finances, budget and credit repair, as well as home & mortgage information. Additional titles that assist you to store, manage, and create, with photos you take or receive. Make calendar's, greeting cards, stationary, and much more with these easy to use programs. Your own Doctor and Lawyer, available at your fingertips.

Retail Value: US$ 419.84          

Preschool Kindergarten Education Pack
Give your child a head start to learning.
Give your child a head start to learning. 8 dynamic titles with multiple activities that introduce your child to the basics of learning. Guided by friends like Blue, the loveable children's TV friend, Little Bear, and Reader Rabbit. Learning the fun way - a child's way. Games and activities that will show results you notice. Number's, ABC's, Color matching, Art, and much more.

Retail Value: US$ 204.92          

Grades 1 - 3 Education Pack
Continue your child's learning advantage
with the succession of education titles that are fun and challenging. Whether your child needs support with school or wants to get ahead, Grapevinenet Works software bundles fit the criteria. The best known characters and titles from top educational publishers like "The Learning Company". Names your children know and choose, to help them learn and grow.

Retail Value: US$ 214.92          

Grades 4 - 6 Education Pack
Maintain your child's education advantage with 8 titles for Upper Elementary education
These titles engage the child's imagination and desire for learning, by utilizing teaching techniques geared for their age and progress. Logical activities that challenge and expand the child's power of reason and cognizant development. Search for Carmen San Diego, travel the Oregon Trail, answer trivia, and solve puzzles. All these titles are developed to enhance your child's learning experience.

Retail Value: US$ 199.92          

Ultimate Game Pack
Your start to computer gaming fun.
Exciting 3D gaming and role playing. 19 Different titles to choose. Everything the game enthusiast wants for hours of intense action. Enjoy the most recognized titles and games. Play online with friends or against the computer. First person shooter, racing, strategy, and with the Atari Anniversary Edition get 12 of the best known Arcade games.

Retail Value: US$ 254.92          

Children's Game Pack
A fun way to teach and expand your child's computer education
Get your children computing by providing them activities they easily use and play. 11 games that your child will recognize and want to play. Popular board games like Chutes & Ladders and Candy Land. Mr. Potato Head takes them on an exciting journey with his activity games.

Retail Value: US$ 264.90          

Family Game Pack
Hours of fun for the whole family. Looking for something for everyone?
The Family Game Pack has fun for all ages. 32 Classic board, card, and arcade games you grew up with. Over 245 different casino game options for adult fun. This bundle leaves nothing out. Get your family computing with software they will play over and over again.

Retail Value: US$ 194.93