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Dialup Internet Access

Dialup Internet Access Features


Grapevinenet Works Dialup provides over 9,000 Dial-up Internet Access numbers and service in all 50 States, Canada, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands.

Grapevinenet Works Dialup utilizes the services of four global Internet optical IP backbone networks, to provide fast and always available access to our Subscribers. These four communications companies are: MCI (UUNET), Quest Communications, Aleron (TII), and StarNet. You will have access to all dial-up numbers on your chosen network Realm.

Grapevinenet Works Dialup accounts includes FOUR Email addresses, utilizing either an IMAP or POP3 mail server. Secure IMAP web mail access is available online anywhere, using our web mail client that includes; custom display options, mail folders, address book, calendars, POP3 fetch mail, email language translators, notes, and more. Subscribers are free to Change Passwords, Mail Forwarding Options, and Autoresponder Options on each email address. Email addresses are changeable upon request. All Email is processed through SpamAssassin to remove about 99% of incoming spam mail to customers mailboxes. Email via your cell phone (WAP) or PDA, available soon.

Grapevinenet Works Dialup accounts also include access to over 36,000 Newsgroups, through your computer�s newsgroup reader, such as Microsoft�s Outlook Express.

Grapevinenet Works Dialup subscribers are provided with our Symphony website package. Unlike most ISP�s that only provide their customers with a large empty file space on their web server, with no additional features to make it useful, we offer you an alternative. A registered Domain Name is required for this option. Read about the Symphony website package on the column at the right.

Grapevinenet Works Dialup also provides subscribers the option to add FastNet Web Accelerator, that gives you almost the same speed on your dialup account as DSL connections. Read more about FastNet Web Accelerator.

Grapevinenet Works Dialup prices are based on a rate of $0.30 per hour. Starting price $9.95 per month (33 hours access). The first month prorated. No signup fee required. Annual subscriptions paid-in-advance receive a FREE Software Bundle of their choice.

FastNet Web Accelerator is available for an additional $3.00 per month. Your FREE optional Symphony website package requires a $2.00 one-time refundable setup fee. A registered Domain Name, required for the Symphony website package may be purchased from our Domain Registration service, or through other domain registrars, or you may use an existing domain name if you already own one.

Grapevinenet Works Dialup Internet Access may be subscribed to in the following methods.

  • ONLINE using a major Credit Card, with activation of your account within seconds.

  • CD requested Online and delivered by Mail. Credit card signup only.

  • FORM, print it, fill out, mail it in. Use this form for yearly subscriptions, using a Check, or Postal Money Order. Credit card subscriptions will be billed monthly. Annual subscribers receive a FREE Software Bundle of their choice.



If you have additional pre-sale questions that demand better answers please select Information in the Contact Us Support Center, and send them to us. We will do our best to satisfy your needs.

Symphony Web Hosting Features


The Grapevinenet Works Symphony website hosting package included with every Grapevinenet Works dialup account requires that you have a registered Domain Name, which you may purchase here or through other domain registrars, or you may use one that you may already own.

Unlike most ISP's that only offer you a storage space on their server for simple web pages or pictures, the Symphony website package is a Professional-grade hosting package with many built in features, that go beyond the competition. The following is a partial list of what is included with every Symphony hosting package.

  •  Quad-Xenon
  •  Linux kernel 2.6.18-92.1.6.el5PAE
  •  Perl 5.8.8, PHP 5.2.6
  •  cPanel 11.23.4-STABLE 26138
  •  Apache 1.3.41
  •  25 MB Web Space, upgradeable
  •  500 MB per month data transfer
  •  5 Email Addresses, IMAP/POP3
  •  1 FTP Address
  •  1 Email List
  •  2 MySQL Databases
  •  3 Sub Domains
  •  1 Parked Domain
  •  Jailed shell access
  •  Password Protected Directories
  •  3 Shopping Cart scripts
  •  Site Statistics, Logs
  •  Daily Backup
  •  Online cPanel Documentation
  •  25 scripts built-in, including:
  •  osCommerce, shopping cart system
  •  InvisionBoard, web bulletin board
  •  Post Nuke, content management  system (CMS)
  •  Xoops, CMS
  •  phpAdsNew, ad server


The Grapevinenet Works web server site is located at The Planet Data Center, in Dallas, Texas. The network is fully meshed and redundant with 6 backbone providers. Our current network consists of ATT(OC3), UUNet(1Gbps), InterNap (1Gbps), Qwest(1Gbps), TBD(1Gbps)and Cogent Communications (2x100Mbps).


In addition to the built-in scripts, you may install many PHP, Perl, REBOL, or JavaScripts of your choice. Java servlets are not supported. Microsoft's FrontPage website publishing feature is not recommended.

To see a cPanel DEMO at cPanel Inc. of a similiar configuration; Login using, Username: cpdemo, Password: cpdemo (cPanel), click

To view Online cPanel Documentation, click

To view an osCommerce shopping cart DEMO, click osCommerce DEMO


Users of the Symphony website hosting package should have basic HTML skills and knowledge of the UNIX/Linux directory/file structure and basic commands, such as CHMOD. The minimum Software Tools needed to manage your website are; an HTML or Text Editor, FTP Client, and a SSH (secure shell) Client, such as PuTTY, installed on your computer. See the links in Essential Favorites for FREE Software Tools.